flyer: Beyond Realms of Doom 2015-05-30

The most ecstatic and vibrant party crowd since Woodstock. The biggest and brightest fireworks show of all European music festivals. The fastest strobes of the northern hemisphere. The most intricate lasershow ever, displaying flowers and such. The best equipped VIP area of The Netherlands. A waiting line for over 2 hours to get into the venue for people that aren't VIP. The newest innovations and hypes that electronic music has to offer. Something for everyone. Shuttle bus services from every train station. Cakes. Photographers from glossy magazines. MC's. Hostesses in skimpy outfits. Decorations that make you get in touch with your inner self. Celebrities. Champagne. Professional dancers. Caviar. Smiling people everywhere you fucking look. Entertainment. Professionalism. Peace, love, unity, respect.

We don't have those. None of them.
So do us all a favour, and go somewhere else.
We don't want you. We don't care.